MonthAugust 2014

Sooo AWS and its load balancers

Early the other morning I was upgrading a good number of instances in AWS.
Merrily going along with the updates from older to newer tech, (m1 to m3 etc).

Simple enough I thought.

We have multiple machines behind elastic load balancers and the status checks are reasonably frequent.
I began to update machines … keeping an eye on the load balancers and the number of out of service machines, I began to notice something a little odd.

A quick check to the monitoring URL to make sure everything was as expected

Machines that had been upgraded were not coming back into service.
10 minutes pass, then 20 then 30, still the machines were marked Out of service. Hmmmm something seemed amiss.

Time for a quick test. What still not added back in, lets remove one and add it back in and see what happens.

What do you know, bam, 5 minutes after a re-add and there it was back in service.

I’m am not saying this is always the case as on another account it took up to 15 mins to add the machines back in service. Keep it in mind if casually updating AWS EC2 instances that are load balanced, take a look and make sure they are back in service and if not remove the instance and re-add it.

That should do the trick.

Have fun, AWS can be loads of fun.

The Provi-block Rock!

For months now, there has been several upheavals in the Eve community regarding provi-block and the content being generated from that corner.
It is notable to point out that Providence has always been [and will continue to be] the underdogs of Eve. Not Red Don’t Shoot [NRDS] has become the dirtiest words out in a space-station and everyone is mocking CVA and VOLT for following this line of thinking.
Yet, here we are. Currently, Provi-block generates the most active PVP [player vs player] content in Eve online. The underdogs are challenged time and time and time again, with the same results.
“We just want to show them we’re better.”

In the meantime, the inhabitants of Provi go about their business and take this in their strides. Of course, there are those who wish a more aggressive stance, and those who mutter under their breaths… But when it is time to rock-and-roll, Provi shakes their money-makers and get on the case.
Not a night goes by where there isn’t a fleet forming in Provi. Either under the laid back Core Bloodbrother’s leadership, or the very entertaining FC Republica. Killrathy and Nemisis hold their own, their guns to the gates and the active pockets has no qualm standing down a mining fleet to escort a new-found red buddy by pod-express home.
Sure, there’s a lot of politics going on behind the scenes, a little wheeling and dealing… Maybe even a song or two spontaneously collecting them bitter-vet tears… of laughter. At the end of the day, the entire Eve community, their spies, their alts and their alliance goons all know one thing for sure:
If you want to rock, head to the Provi-block.
Whyyyyyyyyyyyy Provi whyyyyyyyyyy?

Simplicity. Provi is a family of misfits, wannabe’s, outlaws and oh, yes – the very despicable [say it like daffy duck or it does not count!] null-bears! While Provi often appears to be disorganized – you can be certain of one thing when you arrive:
Short from a 80’s style glitter ball, white glove and ball-grabbing torso swinging…. You are going to have a blast – literally. Something is going to explode.
There has been several one-sided posts of late all about the drama and cry-baby nappy changes supposedly surrounding the newest battle between Provi and Brave Newbies. Funny thing is, Provi even welcomes those. After all, even bad news is news – and Provi-block is constantly in the news! Heck, they’re famous for being not famous! Who can say that these days?
Haters will hate – that is the truth. Providence is the last frontier and while they prefer to rock it old school, they’re not opposed to a little heavy metal, screamo while things are being wrecked a dime a dozen. Sure, many times those things belong to the provi pilots, but have you noticed…. They’re still there the next time around!!
This is my introduction to a Provi experience. I won’t tattoo Volt’s logo onto my leg, or take holidays to FC a fleet during ‘off’ time… But I think there is a lesson to be learned: Space-ship pew-pew in Provi is fun…

Written by Pew-Pew Barbies

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