Sooooo AWS Summit 2017

So today was the AWS Summit 2017 in London and it was an interesting one. Loads of tracks (lectures) covering loads of interesting topics. What can I say, I’m a fan and it was a good day. Thanks again to AWS for this great opportunity to get some insight into how better to use “The Cloud” and extra insights on approaches to common difficulties in implimenting things.

I can say this though. If you are thinking about moving workloads/apps/components/micro services to the cloud then check out how “easy” AWS can make your life. Also if you have never attended one of the summits pop over to AWS Summits and see when there is one close to you. You won’t be sorry.

If you don’t have an AWS account, don’t be shy head on over to Get an account (shameless affiliat link plug – not really 🙂 )and get one and a years free credits (within the Free tier model – make sure to check it out)

Obviously, not all presentation slides are in this post.

I had planned on putting up a bunch of pictures taken during the day, but my phone and I seem to have has a dissagreement and most of the pics i wanted to post are out of focus! I think I only have a few I can add, and yes they will be BIG and HEAVY.

Clicking on an image will load the image, unfortunately not in a new tab/page, so open in new tab/page if you prefer not to be clicking back alot.

Multiple MB download warning!

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