Sooo internet fast lanes…

Soo internet fast lanes…

There has been alot in the media recently over this particular topic and I thought to write my 2 cents worth.

NOTE: This is MY opinion and no one elses.

We sit at an interesting junction point in teh internets life.
If the fast lanes are not stopped in there tracks I believe we will see a horribly segregated internet, where the end user gets the short end of the stick.
ISP clients paying for certain bandwidth will not get what they pay good hard earned money for unless the content provider pays more and more cash to the big telcos.

This will mean that if I wanted to build a new service that required good steady and quality bandwidth it would be impossible without a substancial financial penalty for my innovation This very simply is something we should voice our concerns and opinions about.
It has an impact on every single internet user.
It has a NEGATIVE impact on every single internet user.

I will always come back to a reasonably simplistic argument here and that is, money.

The government controlling telco companies put alot of money into elected officials and with a relatively simple purpose. Help them to maintain the revenue streams.
They are not out to help clients, you and me, they are out to pay there top few 6+ figures a year.

And stop, take a breath.

Now moving on back to what I was saying.

I believe that internet fast lanes are a bad idea for every internet user.
Simple services that we expect to work, based on our existing contracts with ISPs.
*Insert finger pointing here* when connections get slow or content cannot be provided at all.
At this point the ISP simply passes the buck, “They havent paid for the fast lane, but you are in a x number of year(s) contract so you cant change to another ISP without penalty”.

So add your voice to the list of voices apposed to internet fast lances. Oh this is not a petition it is a campaign against internet fast lanes.

Spread the word, use the widget on the 10th September 2014

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No-ip and M$

So here we are again.

Things in the tech world never seem to stop, which is good. We watch the world go by as things progress.

I found myself wondering what in the virtual universe is actually mine.

I one thought content created by me was mine, then I was hacked.

I thought my domain was mine, then Millions of dynamic DNS users suffer after Microsoft seizes No-IP domains. Should they be allowed to do this?

So what do you own in the virtual universe, well as my favorite quote says … “In the world of wires, nothing is safe”

Its all virtual anyway, regardless of any emotional attachments.


UPDATE: Microsoft has returned the confiscated domains (well most of them last time I checked) to no-ip and has blamed a “technical issue” for the huge outage experienced by no-ip users.

Read the story here


UPDATE: Full story from no-ip Full update

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