She was only with us a short time.
She will be missed, but she brought us all loads of joy and happieness.

Gone but never forgotten.

My little zen

My little zen

R.I.P little zen 21/08/2014

I picked you up, just a little black ball, a furry thing.
The vet said you won’t make it through the day,
I told him to sod off, and named you anyway.

Little Zen, my pretty kitten, a weirdo of note.
You grew healthy and ever so strong,
two years really isn’t that long.

Someone thought it would be alright.
Poison dulled your hunter eyes not so long ago,
the cat-angels came and you had to go.

Your last breath was against my chest.
You looked at me and mewed goodbye,
took your leave on your new wings with a sigh.

I hope you hunt as well there as here.
Your freaky style bringing a laugh,
you never did anything by half.

An angel will pick you up, you little furry thing.
Nobody will say you won’t make it ever again,
you will hunt and play and they will call you…
Little Zen.