Sooooo Netflix vs Amazon Prime Video

Sooooo Netflix vs Amazon prime video

I’ve had Amazon prime for about a year now and not watched many videos at all. Speaking with a friend of mine, he recommended I take a look at Netflix.

A little background:

I use the AWS (Amazon Web Services) console for cloud services a lot in my day to day work. I prefer the AWS console to the Azure one for simplicity and general feel and ease of use. As for Netflix, I had not even see the UI (user interface) so it was a clean slate other than my personal preferences.

I decided to give it a go and see what it was all about. I signed up for a free account and decided to take a look around the site.

This is just my experience and thoughts on the two.

I found the Amazon video interface nit particularly good especially since I only spent my time looking for “Included with prime”.

Now although the layout of Amazon video and Netflix are relatively close, they are still worlds apart. Now don’t get me wrong here. I am definitely not some sort of UI expert or anything, but I know how I like to interact with sites and what I think is easy to use.

The main difference I see is the listings/recommendations. Amazon has a long list of categories. Netflix on the other hand starts off the bat attempting to supply you with somewhat useful information. Recommendations and “Trending” and a layout that just “feels” cleaner to me.

As with most things it is a personal taste that makes the “feel” of the site to your liking or not.

However, for me, I think that Netflix has the nicer UI. Except for the fact that they do seem to make it somewhat more difficult to find and browse more detailed categories (which Amazon displays by default).

With a bit of google magic I managed to come across a list of categories, with links, for Netflix. This is an unknown site to me and is simply here as a reference to show that the information is out there if you look for it [Netflix – Category list].

Now you know that both sites will use AI (artificial intelligence) to some degree or another. The AI from Netflix is trying to find you movies and TV series you will like to watch. How it does this. Well now that would be interesting to know if it was more than a simple “What you watched (and rated) as you liked and what others did the same”.

Just in case you missed what I was trying to say. I prefer Netflix user experience over that of Amazon video even with some of the difficulties in digging into categories from the Netflix side.

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