Sooooo strong passwords and apps that don’t help

Sooooo today while rotating all my passwords I ran into something rather annoying.

Lets change our password shall we …

Ok then, off I go to generate a loverly complex password, and copy it from my password safe to change my password.

Oh wait, this site/application does not let you paste into the password field. Now why is that since they say that strong passwords are important and all that.


Ok so my silly logic slaps me in the face and complains.

You want to have a complex password that have everything in it and is 5 billion characters long, BUT you want me to type it twice. Well now, thats when my brain implodes and leaks out my ear as I simply stare at the application/web site.


Thanks to the developers of the application/website and the fact that clearly (to me at least) they don’t want passwords that are actually secure, but rather something you can type easily and remember. Hmmm doesn’t that immediately sound like a rather insecure password.


Well I could go to our friends at or even simpler just use the super simple call to (load the URL) but this is not the point at all. I am still left with having to type it multiple times.


So to conclude this rant, I would like to thank those applications and web sites for showing me that they actually don’t want my business (read money) and that I should be using there competitors products, which I am now doing.